I knew Rae was special the first time I worked with her. She has an amazing ability to untangle complex problems to immediately get to the heart of an issue. On every occasion I’ve worked with her, she has gone far beyond my expectations in the quantity and quality of her analysis and presentations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and I not so secretly wish she worked for our City full time. She’s not good, she’s awesome.
— Sarah Medary, Assistant City Manager, City of Eugene

The attention and sensitivity Rae brings to every aspect of her work is extremely evident. Rae possesses a rare mix of analytical skills and compassionate thinking from the way she engages clients in meaningful, thought provoking conversations to the depth of inquiry she enlists in researching critical issues. Her ability to connect at a deep level to the core struggles of service providers and policy makers is extremely admirable.
— Dr. Wayne Centrone, Executive Director, Health Bridges International | Senior Health Advisor, Center for Social Innovation

Rae is a tireless and relentless advocate for those who need help. She simply does not take “no” for an answer. She has a huge heart for those who are struggling, and a seemingly bottomless well of energy and passion for getting things accomplished. Her dedication to getting her clients what they need is an inspiration to those who work around her, and pushes us all to have higher standards for ourselves.
— Dr. Tanya Page, Former Medical Director, Outside In Medical Clinic | Family Practice Physician, Providence Health Services Milwaukie

I truly appreciate Rae’s experience, professionalism, and thoughtful approach to working with our community and organization. She asks great questions, genuinely listens, and reliably produces quality deliverables. Over the last few years she has collaborated on tobacco prevention public health initiatives, worked to help us better understand our traveler population, and performed an internal organizational analysis related to our efforts to address homelessness. These are not small efforts. Rae has helped moved all of this work forward in significant ways and I appreciate the depth of her knowledge, her exceptional skill set, and her willingness to jump in to get things done.
— Laura Hammond, Communications and Policy Analyst, City of Eugene