Who are TROTTA CONSULTING clients?

Trotta Consulting is hired by government and non-profit organizations collaborating with community. We are hired to facilitate diverse groups while they put their heads together to do something big. This work joins the forces and voices of planners, police, educators, social service providers, health care professionals and advocates, with community members themselves who experience isolation and marginalization.

Trotta Consulting clients:

  • Envision and innovate
  • Craft systems and policies that serve the common good
  • Face challenges head-on
  • Dare to be different, while daring to make a difference 


As a public policy consulting firm, we:

  • Conduct research 
  • Facilitate community processes
  • Help re-think organizational approaches to big-issue challenges
  • Offer recommendations and strategies
  • Support positive intervention plans

By focusing on solutions, Trotta Consulting helps clients answer the big question - "Now what?"  We do this in 3 simple steps:

  1. Identify evidence-based best practices
  2. Identify the work that needs to be done
  3. Help communities realize implementation 

Why do I believe in this work?

While working in direct service in the U.S. and abroad, I was told again and again  by my clients experiencing homelessness and other traumas, "You talk to me like a normal person. You look right at me."  It was these voices that encouraged and prepared me to work with, care for, and learn from ANYONE that walks through my door.  At the beginning of my public health career, I managed a primary care clinic in rural Bolivia serving surrounding indigenous communities. I then returned to my home state of Oregon to work with some of the most vulnerable individuals challenged by housing, health, and social isolation. These experiences rooted me in realities that many of us have trouble understanding. 

In order to further my impact in this field, in 2013 I graduated with a Masters degree in Public Health: Health Management and Policy. I now have the opportunity to integrate my direct experience, formal training, and passion for this work in projects with community leaders and coalitions across the country.  No matter who it is that I sit down with - a Chief of Police, a school Superintendent, a City Manager, or the person or young adult that happens to sleep on the stoop next door - I am devoted to helping each of us play a part in community-driven solutions.